Medical devices are created to help anyone who has suffered a serious injury or medical condition.
While we expect these devices to work safely and accurately, poor design or manufacturing can result in defects.

Medical device manufacturers claim they are producing and selling the most innovative advanced medical devices.
But they often sell devices to patients without proper testing even after they discover the devices are causing injury.

A list of some medical devices that have been proven to be defective in certain cases are Hernia Mesh, IVC Filters, DePuy Hips, Stryker Hips, Biomet Hips, Smith and Nephew Hip Liner, Stryker Knee Implants.

IVC Filter
Plagued with high failure rates and potentially deadly complications

Stryker Hip Implant
Failing medical devices that cause injuries from metal ion release

Hernia Mesh
Medical devices resulting in bleeding, pain, incontinence