IVC Filter—Defective Device Lawsuit

Device: IVC Filter

Use: IVC filters are used to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism. The inferior vena cava is the major vein that brings oxygen-poor blood from the lower body back to the heart. The heart then pumps the blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen. An IVC filter is a small, wiry device inserted by a doctor using a catheter into a patient’s inferior vena cava through a small incision in the groin or neck. The IVC filter is designed to catch blood clots before they reach the lungs.

Defect: In 2010, the FDA received more than 900 reports of adverse events caused or associated with IVC filters, including 70 filters that perforated the veins, 328 device migrations, 56 filter fractures, and 146 embolisms.

Product failures: Studies have shown that 5 IVC filters are subject to fail; Bards Recovery, Bards G2, Bards G2 Express, Cooks Gunther Tulip and Cooks Celect.

Lawsuit: Patients who have had IVC filters implanted have filed claims against the above manufacturers for poor design, manufacturing, and failure to warn of risks.

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